One of my resolutions for this year was to take care of my finances so that in a year’s time or two, I could have enough money for a holiday overseas or to finally open the small shop I have promised myself. However, I have found it very difficult to save because there always seems to be things that demand the money and I suspect that millions of us encounter the same problem: Where is the money to save going to come from? Here are some easy budgeting tips that I received after making a phone call to my Metropolitan advisor.

  1. Determine your income from all your sources

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    We began by looking at all my sources of income (which isn’t much). The first step we took together was to make sure that I fully understand my financial situation. This meant drawing up a budget. It was very easy, and the consultant knew exactly what he was talking about. This was a great comfort to me, since I had never before had someone go through my financial mess.

  2. Draw up a list of your essential fixed expenses

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    There were expenses that I knew I could not live without, which included my rent and taxi fare. But the financial advisor was very patient and carefully helped me to put together my expenses and to subtract them from my monthly income. Make sure you don’t leave out essentials like you are travelling alot, don’t forget to buy your best auto darkening welding helmet to protect your own head and eyes.

  3. Draw up a list of your non-essential expenses
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    After that we looked at other expenses that I thought were not important, like the money I spend on cold drink and chips at the rank when I return home from work. He advised me that these, too, were important when I draw up my budget. They add up no matter how small they seem.
    We then focused on them and looked at which expenses I could live without and I am happy to say, no more unnecessary purchases and unhealthy food. Not only am I saving but it is keeping me healthy, too.

  4. Subtract all these expenses from your income
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    If your expenses exceed your income, work out what you really need and what you can do without. From our consultation I am glad to tell you that my finances finally made sense. Day by day, since my initial consultation, I’ve kept monthly and weekly budgets and I’m slowly seeing a difference. I’m beginning to understand my financials and I can see where my money is going.
    Soon enough, I’ll be able to put some money aside thanks to good financial planning. I would advise that you do the same.

These 4 steps will help you make sense of your core financial needs. With the help of one of our qualified financial advisors you will be able to begin your own journey of financial well-being.