• How do online stores entice you into buying something ? (Part 2)

    Authority convinces

    Online shops also like to use authority. People tend to follow advice from experts. We will quickly assume that a book is worth our while when a known author recommends it. Hence the praise at the back of books, and also on book websites. Sometimes the awards that a product has won are mentioned, which also allows the expertise of the online shop to be accentuated.

    Take Kalahari.com which is famous for selling best double stroller for infant and toddler for instance. It states that it is South Africa’s favourite online store. They imply that this is the site the majority of South Africans go to when they want to make online purchases. “The text creates the social confirmation: others also buy there. And if others do that, then it must be a good, reliable site.” What also works is the limited availability of a product: ‘Only 2 in stock’ or ‘This special is only valid for 7 days’. Ebbekink: “These messages give us the feeling ‘if I don’t order now I will miss out.’”

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  • How do online stores entice you into buying something ? (Part 1)

    The difference is big. Only 1 to 3% of visitors to webshops will buy something. In comparison, some 25% of people walk out of the average shop in town with a parcel. In a supermarket this goes up to nearly 100%. So online marketers try anything to make their website visitors buy more. Making the

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  • Investing is the new splurge

    When Dawn Ridler, an independent financial adviser and founder of www.kerenga.com was asked by MoneyMarketing.co.za what the top three things that make a good financial plan are, she said: “A good financial plan needs robust analysis of needs versus reality – right across the board from medical aid, tax, wills and estate plans to investment and retirement.”

    New culture of splurging has emerged

    But how many of us are willing to spend more money on something we can’t see – the future? Chanel lipstick, Christian Louboutin shoes or a Roberto Cavalli dress are some of the things women tend to splurge on when they have cash. But have you ever thought of how much money your material assets would be worth if you’d put all that money away in an investment policy ? Gerald Mwandiambira of the South African Savings Institute says a new culture of splurging has emerged – investments. “Things like retirement may seem like a very long time but it will come in handy one day,” he says.Investing is the new splurge (5)

    According to motivational speaker and author of Heart, Mind and Money Vangile Makwakwa, “In South Africa today, only 4% of people can afford to retire. We have a population that can’t retire because they’re used to a certain lifestyle. It’s important to plan for retirement so you are able to maintain your lifestyle as you won’t be able to do that with a government pension.” Lezanne Human, FNB’s chief executive for savings, investments and fiduciary says, “From March 1, South Africans can save R30 000 a year, and R500 000 in FNB’s lifetime new tax free savings accounts.

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  • Sticking to your financial solution

    One of my resolutions for this year was to take care of my finances so that in a year’s time or two, I could have enough money for a holiday overseas or to finally open the small shop I have promised myself. However, I have found it very difficult to save because there always seems to be things that demand the money and I suspect that millions of us encounter the same problem: Where is the money to save going to come from? Here are some easy budgeting tips that I received after making a phone call to my Metropolitan advisor.

    1. Determine your income from all your sources

      Sticking to your financial solution (2)

      We began by looking at all my sources of income (which isn’t much). The first step we took together was to make sure that I fully understand my financial situation. This meant drawing up a budget. It was very easy, and the consultant knew exactly what he was talking about. This was a great comfort to me, since I had never before had someone go through my financial mess.

    2. Draw up a list of your essential fixed expenses

      Sticking to your financial solution (4)

      There were expenses that I knew I could not live without, which included my rent and taxi fare. But the financial advisor was very patient and carefully helped me to put together my expenses and to subtract them from my monthly income. Make sure you don’t leave out essentials like you are travelling alot, don’t forget to buy your best auto darkening welding helmet to protect your own head and eyes.

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  • Eight ways the world can harness human waste

      Talk about turning trash to treasure: scientists are looking at ways to extract precious metals – including gold, silver, platinum, copper and titanium – from sewage. What’s more, the amount is far from insubstantial: the waste produced by a million Americans every year could contain as much as US$13m worth of metals.

      [caption id="attachment_130" align="aligncenter" width="687"]Microscopic particles of gold and lead (yellow flecks) in a biosolid sample. The metals may come from various sources, including dental amalgams, food and cosmetics (pictured below) Microscopic particles of gold and lead (yellow flecks) in a biosolid sample. The metals may come from various sources, including dental amalgams, food and cosmetics (pictured below)[/caption]

      According to Dr Paul Westerhoff from Arizona State University, it’s unclear exactly where these metals are coming from because municipal sewage derives from more than just domestic origins. Waste from dentists’ offices is one likely trove because gold and silver is used in dental amalgams, while other potential sources are the cosmetics and personal care products that go down the drains. But poo could also be serving up the goods: titanium dioxide, for example, is added to many doughnuts.

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  • Save money by using Google Offers

    Google Offers can save you money on thousands of services with just a couple of quick clicks. Google Offers is designed to open your eyes to some of the discounts that retailers offer from time to time and it is a service that is growing very quickly. If you are in possession of a Google account, you will have a dedicated Offers page where you can save each offer you see, and you can then redeem them by accessing each on a smartphone and presenting them in person.

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  • Some guides with 10.000$ makeover for your house
    • Kitchen: I would install a new benchtop, paint dated timber cabinets and replace the drawer handles. Then look at the ceiling light – could it be replaced with something more contemporary? There’s an amazing selection of stylish pendants on the market for under $100, worth it for the wow factor. I’d also paint an old tiled splash back and finally add a fresh lick of paint to remaining walls and ceilings.Some guides with 10.000$ makeover for your house (2)
    • Add a bedroom: Convert that part of an L-shaped lounge room you don’t use into a bedroom by adding a wall with a door opening. Materials should cost about $1230, and it will add about $33,700 in value. If you need a best mattress for side sleepers I would recommend Dreamfoam brand since they are the best on the market.
    • Bathroom: Consider replacing a dated vanity, have an old bath resurfaced (for as little as $500), add a fresh shower curtain and paint those tired bathroom tiles. Also, buyers love storage, so think about replacing the bathroom mirror to incorporate one with storage or a shelf. Check lighting and swap it out for a new look fixture. Finally, paint walls and ceilings.Some guides with 10.000$ makeover for your house (3)
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  • How to connect with customer and check out the progress –A Need of successful business

    Before the three decades, there is no concept of shopping online and promoting the business by interacting with customers on such platforms available now a day and so called social media. Now a day, nothing is more essential than social media to connect to your customer and promote your business. There are many platform or websites serving as media and connect the people e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

    These social websites are offering platforms and being used by the companies to advertise their products. The presence of your business in online world is crucial to growth when you are starting out. People signup on these websites may get whole information from their favorite brands of accessories of life on immediate basis just by joining their community or liking their official page.
    Some tips to have a small business that can go social are:

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  • The high price of free viewing

    delivery and return service and Stan and Netflix’s online streaming services offer free trial periods of one to three months, depending on whether the offer is promoted online or with media subscriptions.free-trial

    What’s the catch?

    An offer means you have a period of free use of the particular service, but there is a catch – the aim is to capture subscribers. I was given a Quickflix free trial by a friend. And for me, Quickflix’s free trial offer amounted to a trap. The free period gives a taste of the service for a limited time, but also signs you up as a subscriber from the start and requires you to provide your name, address, email address and credit card details.stan
    To avoid being billed beyond the free trial period, the terms and conditions say you must cancel your subscription before the trial period comes to an end. And it is up to you to be aware of that date. Leave cancellation until the last minute and you will run the risk of being classed as a fee-paying subscriber and being billed monthly, using the credit card details asked of you to participate in the free trial.

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  • An expert guide for buying property (part 1)

    The question comes up all the time: are houses better investments than apartments? There isn’t a simple answer, as each investor will have their own criteria. One way to look at the performance of the different housing types is to compare capital gains over time. Across Empire’s combined capital city index, houses have recorded price growth of 7.8% pa over the past 15 years while unit shave recorded 6% pa capital gain(see chart). Houses have shown a higher rate of capital gain than apartments consistently over the past 10 and five years and over the past 12 months.

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