I am James Grasmussen. I am trying to get my financial state of affairs back on track after really going off the rails. Five years ago I was in a very comfortable position. I was only 32 and had bought my first house, owned my car and had $14,000 in the bank, with no debts. But credit cards have been my downfall in the past few years. I signed up to a $10,000 Coles credit card and a $5500 Virgin Money credit card, both of which are maxed out. It was just too easy to spend without thinking about it.

To add to the financial stress, the job I thought I had for life is now very insecure, with many forced redundancies in the pipeline for my industry. I am trying to stay positive and learn ways I can whittle down my debt and start saving again. I start my blog at http://www.libertydollarbill.org/ to give people inspiration that I will get through this lean time.