Authority convinces

Online shops also like to use authority. People tend to follow advice from experts. We will quickly assume that a book is worth our while when a known author recommends it. Hence the praise at the back of books, and also on book websites. Sometimes the awards that a product has won are mentioned, which also allows the expertise of the online shop to be accentuated.

Take which is famous for selling best double stroller for infant and toddler for instance. It states that it is South Africa’s favourite online store. They imply that this is the site the majority of South Africans go to when they want to make online purchases. “The text creates the social confirmation: others also buy there. And if others do that, then it must be a good, reliable site.” What also works is the limited availability of a product: ‘Only 2 in stock’ or ‘This special is only valid for 7 days’. Ebbekink: “These messages give us the feeling ‘if I don’t order now I will miss out.’”

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