delivery and return service and Stan and Netflix’s online streaming services offer free trial periods of one to three months, depending on whether the offer is promoted online or with media subscriptions.free-trial

What’s the catch?

An offer means you have a period of free use of the particular service, but there is a catch – the aim is to capture subscribers. I was given a Quickflix free trial by a friend. And for me, Quickflix’s free trial offer amounted to a trap. The free period gives a taste of the service for a limited time, but also signs you up as a subscriber from the start and requires you to provide your name, address, email address and credit card details.stan
To avoid being billed beyond the free trial period, the terms and conditions say you must cancel your subscription before the trial period comes to an end. And it is up to you to be aware of that date. Leave cancellation until the last minute and you will run the risk of being classed as a fee-paying subscriber and being billed monthly, using the credit card details asked of you to participate in the free trial.

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