Google Offers is designed to open your eyes to some of the discounts that retailers offer from time to time and it is a service that is growing very quickly. If you are in possession of a Google account, you will have a dedicated Offers page where you can save each offer you see, and you can then redeem them by accessing each on a smartphone and presenting them in person.

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The entire process is as simple as you could hope for and makes a mockery of the old days of cutting out coupons from magazines. The service is still in a fairly early stage, however, so you may need to search a little harder than expected to find the offers you want and not all countries are supported at this time. It is still worth getting to know how it works now, though, and you may be surprised at how much money you can save if you use it wisely.

google offer (3)In this tutorial we will explain where to find the offers and also how to redeem them. We will also show you the options available and how to best utilise the huge amount of detail available. Crucially, each offer will show a location, a handy map and full instructions on how to redeem it.

  1. It’s set up

    To check that your account is enabled for Google Offers, go to and follow the instructions you are given. It is likely that your account will be up and running already.

  2. Look for offers

    When you are on the Google+ business page of a company, you may see an offer available. They are not always obvious, but there should be an ‘Offers’ option to the right that you can click to use it.

  3. A handy list

    Go back to your Google Offers page, detailed in step 1, and any offers you have selected will be shown in a list for you to deal with. They are saved in the offer (4)

  4. Offer details

    Click on an offer in your list and you will be presented with details on how and where to redeem the offer. Full location details and a map are also included.

  5. Use an app

    To redeem offers in shops and other locations, you will need to use the Google Offers Android or iOS app. Simply sign in and your offers will be available when mobile.

  6. The barcode

    On your mobile device, clicking a link will bring up a screen with a barcode that can be used to redeem the offer. The process uses smartphones very effectively offer (1)

  7. Get more offers

    Google+ is a very fruitful destination for finding new Google Offers and no matter what you are
    looking for, a selection should pop up for you to take advantage of.

  8. They do expire

    Back in your Offers page, you should check the expiry dates for each of the offers. They can be
    listed in expiry date order to help you manage each one and catch them while valid.

  9. Paper copies

    In addition, some offers can be printed and redeemed in shops if you do not have access to
    a phone. Most, however, require a smartphone to make the most of them.

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