Before the three decades, there is no concept of shopping online and promoting the business by interacting with customers on such platforms available now a day and so called social media. Now a day, nothing is more essential than social media to connect to your customer and promote your business. There are many platform or websites serving as media and connect the people e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

These social websites are offering platforms and being used by the companies to advertise their products. The presence of your business in online world is crucial to growth when you are starting out. People signup on these websites may get whole information from their favorite brands of accessories of life on immediate basis just by joining their community or liking their official page.
Some tips to have a small business that can go social are:

  • Invest your time, money and energy as devotionally as you can in form of communication and deliver your business aims and objectives truly.

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  • Remember that, social media is not the whole world; it is just one of the components of social life. The platforms of social media are just serving as vehicle to go in the social life of others and influence their behavior. The ideas, behavior, and contents of your business products must be social too.
  • Keep an eagle eye on your audience and be clear about the people you are talking to. You need to know your audience beyond business to consumer relation. You must know about their online behavior and target.
  • You must have a strong strategic framework which based on your business to work within it. Consider the way to which a social media can help you in getting your business goals and objectives. Describe the contents you are going to publish and choose the platform accordingly.
  • The right choice of platform based on your target audience and business is much important. No platform fits to all you need. LinkedIn is vital to present you as a great thought leader, Facebook is important for storytelling, Instagram and Pinterest are essential in visual and Twitter is ideal to play for real time success (2)
  • There is no need to post constantly to stay in online world. The countless Facebook algorithm changes make it possible to have no longer impact when you are at silent mode and engaged in other activities. It’s more effective if you are more relevant to your posts. However, either your posts are cultural or personal; it is more effective if you are always striving to be relevant.
  • Social media is nothing just an agile. It’s a good place to know about the cultural shifts and happenings. The process of streamline approval is nothing just equals to quick recovery.
  • Be a thoughtful leader of your business and involve actively in community around your industry. Position yourself as key person and influence the drives for your business success (1)
  • It does not matter what’s going on in your business, the online presence must not be boring for audience. It will take a time to buildup a brand personality and discover the motivating factors for your audience. In this way you can interact to your customer with you contents on a test and learn approach.
  • It is a dire need to measure and optimize the results. For it, set the key performing indicators and have a right metrics to determine if you are planning to hit them. Trace out your progress via a tool such as social reporting tool or manually.