• Designing lucky swimming pools

    One of the greater luxuries of life is to be able to relax and enjoy the sanctity of one’s own personal swimming pool. To know that there is one place in the home you are able to unwind and be in touch with nature. So how do we go about designing our pool? There are a few things to think about when it comes to pool designs and these comprise the following factors: Size, Materials and Shape (SMS). Let us discuss the importance of size. There are many ways to design a pool, but there is a limit to how big or small a pool should be before it stops becoming a pool and ends up either as a water feature or lake.

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  • Simple, cheap and fun date ideas

    By far the best date ideas are the ones where both you and your partner get involved. This adds a new level of thrill and excitement to your relationship. Contrary to what you may believe, this isn’t expensive at all – while we tend to think that the money is the only way to ensure good time with your partner, these 5 ideas will give you this opportunity and without destroying your budget!

    1. One of such ideas is a chalk run. You can buy a small present, put it out of sight in the local park, and using chalk arrows make a path to it for your partner to go along (kind of like rose petals). Start the path at your car, near your house, etc. Feel free to throw in a few love notes, but don’t feel like you can’t use something else to mix things up! The surprise and interest of following this trail will make the date memorable and exiting, combined with a feeling of reward when your partner finds the small gift.

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